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Velocity of Youth is one person.

Lyrics, compositions, vocals, synthesizers, virtual instruments, sample editing, recording, mixing, mastering and producing are done and orchestrated by one man in an independent recording studio in

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. 

"I am not a showman or an entertainer and I love privacy of my studio.

I go anywhere I want in my mind and develop compositions freely as I feel them at the moment.

When I am with my synthesizers, microphones, sound processers and library of samples from all over the world

I am not restricted to any rules or preconceptions.

Honestly, I don't think I could follow musical guidelines or ideas set by others.

I could never be happy performing live on stage, recording with other studio musicians or working with different producers. That is why I took years to learn how to handle it all by myself. At this stage it is very rewarding and liberating.

With time I hope to reach and touch a lot of people with my music and lyrics,

INSUPPRESSIBLE is my first album with the second one UHO (Unidentified Human Object) coming in the Summer of 2023.


After a long career in promoting visual arts from different parts of the world

I am now focusing on my own artistry using sounds and virtual instruments from around the globe.

Writing lyrics and emerging myself in array of sounds is what I must do to balance the absurdity of today's world.

When I am in my studio everything makes perfect sense"



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